Before breaking a sweat, it’s important to prep your body with the right pre-workout nutrition. We suggest trying Performix’s SST PRE. Unlike other products, SST PRE is the first & only pre-workout product to use molecular hydrogen as an ingredient.

performix pre

The patent-pending molecular hydrogen matrix of amino acid, citric and malic acid, magnesium and sea salt improves alkalinity, providing lactic acid buffering (decreasing the burn associated with the first phase of exercise) and increasing ATP generation (energy at the cellular level) to help supercharge your workout.


And that’s not all: SST PRE has been tested and proven to increase caloric burn by the elite trainers at NYC-based gym, Performix House. Using wearable fit trackers, trainers are able to monitor their clients’ heart rate and caloric burn during group fitness classes — and have seen a significant difference in their output when they take SST PRE as opposed to when they don’t. Need we say more?

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