Things haven’t been great for Usher these days after he was accused of spreading the herpes virus in a $1.1 million lawsuit — and shortly after, celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom revealed that he infected not only women but also a man. How can he recover from this? Celebrity brand expert Eric Schiffer exclusively revealed to In Touch what he’ll have to do if he wants to let this whole scandal ~burn~.

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“You’re witnessing the single greatest destruction of an American pop star in recent history. He can quickly end this barrage and choke it off by showing the public that the allegations are false and release his tests for everyone to see. Short of that, the rumors are going to continue and they’re blistering in seismic shape because he is alleged to have knowingly hurt and infected so many people,” Eric explained. “What he can also do, is speak out and try to explain the truth, show that the tests at a minimum to say, ‘I don’t have it.'”

However, if it turns out The Voice coach does, in fact, have herpes, he should “accept the responsibility and that his brand, in the short-term, is going to explode to bits and he’ll become the enemy of the people for awhile.” Aside from that, “he can speak out on behalf of people with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and educate men, who statistically don’t reveal when they have these types of STDs — and it’s either because of shame or because they don’t want to reveal it. So educating people to be more transparent and turn it into a positive.”

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Usher will have to be extra careful from now on, as board-certified dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky previously told In Touch, “Even if your partner does not have active lesions — i.e. blisters, crusts, etc. — they may still shed the live virus through their saliva or secretions. While the risk of transmission of the infection is lower when there are no active lesions, it is not zero.”

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She then added, “Condoms can help but are not a guaranteed protection since herpes lesions can often be outside of a condom’s area of protection. To ensure that you do not become infected with herpes, ask your partner about their sexual history and STD status.”

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