Someone get a mop ’cause there’s some serious tea being spilled! By now you’ve seen the breaking news start to emerge about what caused the Teletubbies to break up (if you missed it, here’s a link to our exclusive scoop). Teletubbies’ resident “cleaner” Noo-Noo had a front-row view to all of the behind-the-scenes drama for years and is now starting to dish the dirt on the former tight-knit quartet.

Noo-Noo took to the TeletubbiesUniverse account Instagram (@TeletubbiesUniverse) to throw some serious shade at his pals.

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We’ve reached out to reps for TINKY WINKY, LAA-LAA, DIPSY and PO and are awaiting their rebuttal. For now, we’ll have to see what additional dirt Noo-Noo shares and will be sure to bring you the latest gossip as soon as the news breaks!