It’s been 20+ years since the bouncy and bubbly foursome planted themselves into the lives of every home. They brought joy, comfort and much more to people across the globe. But what happened to the unstoppable quartet? Why did they quit?

We got exclusive access to excerpts from their soon-to-be-released Tell-All!! (sorry, not sorry).

Rumors slowly began to spread as egos grew and the members wanted to explore new lives outside of Teletubbyland. Sources revealed to OK! Magazine that a juicy tell-all of the breakup is about to be released. Stories of constant arguing on set to crazy diva demands are spreading all over Hollywood. The Teletubbies have yet to break their silence, but the news is sure to shock us all.

What’s more? The dirt is being spilled by the Teletubbies’ resident “cleaner” Noo-Noo, who still refers to the famous foursome as the “Naughty Tubbies!” He had a front row view to the Teletubbies’ high-maintenance attitudes on set, silly arguments and more! Noo-Noo cleaned up the Teletubbies’ mess for years and is finally ready to spill the dirt.


What We Know: The alleged Teletubbies Tell-All.

What led to the breakup of the tight-knit foursome? Here are some of the rumors on who caused the split.

TINKY WINKY: The Designer Diva

Word is designer diva Tinky Winky is to blame for the breakup…but why? Sources said the purple Teletubby’s ego began to grow bigger and bigger as the fashion world embraced the new designer as an “it” boy.


Teletubbies Tinky

DIPSY: The Aspiring Artist

Aspiring artist Dipsy was always praised for his art and seemed distracted by his artist aspirations during Tubby Time and Big Hugs. Word is a Voice Trumpet got in his ear and encouraged him to split from the group.

Teletubbies Dipsy

LAA-LAA: The Distressed DJ

Sources revealed that a physical altercation between Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky broke out on set. Other Teletubbies and crew members were forced to pick sides. Sadly, Laa-Laa was so upset about the feud that she forgot to show up at her first headlining DJ gig in London.


Teletubbies LaaLaa

PO: The Lone Tubby Left Behind

The smallest of the Teletubbies, but with the biggest heart, Po was the only member who never wanted to breakup…thus sparking her withdrawal from the spotlight. Rumors continue to swirl about what Po is up to.

Teletubbies Po

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