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These Student-Teacher Romances Will Definitely Creep You out

Students of all ages are supposed to be able to trust their teachers — but in some cases, that trust crossed the line, as there have been countless true crime cases of teachers forming a romantic relationship with their underage students. In some instances, the accused have admitted to having a casual sexual relationship with a student, while others claimed that despite the age gap, the two were in love.

In pop culture, teacher-student relationships are often romanticized. In the popular drama Pretty Little Liars, high school student Aria Montgomery falls for writer Ezra Fitz before learning that he’s actually her new English teacher. Despite their age difference, the two begin dating, and even her parents are made aware of the situation — yet the inappropriate relationship is never seen as a crime.

lucy hale ian harding pretty little liars getty

On Dawson’s Creek, teen Pacey Witter begins flirting with his English teacher Tamara Jacobs who is twice his age — but that doesn’t stop the pair from pursing a romance. Despite her initial worries, the two begin sleeping together, and even though they eventually called it quits, the authorities were never involved. However, in the real world, an illegal relationship usually results in a grainy mugshot and jail time. Scroll down to see some of the most scandalous real-life teacher-student affairs.

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