Mariah Brown is surrounded by love and support!

Kody Brown’s oldest daughter was extremely brave when came out as gay to her mother Meri and the other sister wives — Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — during last week’s episode of TLC’s Sister Wives. She seemed extremely nervous to reveal her sexual orientation to her devout Fundamentalist Mormon family, but nothing could’ve prepared her for the love and support she received — especially from her dad.

During last night’s episode, the patriarch of the polygamous family took to Twitter to open up about his reaction to his daughter’s coming out. He explained that even though he was shocked at first, his goal was to make his daughter feel safe to open up and be herself with her parents and siblings. Even though he was open to accepting her sexuality, he said he had a lot of questions.

“A surprise to me. Required some deep thought,” Kody tweeted. “After checking to see if she was sure, I just needed her to know she was safe.”

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“God has prepared my heart and mind for 15 years,”the 47-year-old continued. “Now [Mariah] can feel safe being openly gay with our family.”

The father-of-17 went on to advocate for LGBTQ acceptance, and said that when he was growing up, people were extremely prejudiced against the LGBTQ community. He credited Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol with teaching him how to be open and accepting of others.

“I dream of a world where people are judged by the merits of their character,” he continued, “instead of sexual orientation & family structure.”

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In the past, the Brown family has opened up about being discriminated against because they chose to live a polygamous lifestyle. They even had to move from their home in Utah to Las Vegas because of Utah’s ban on plural marriage, a law that they continue to fight against in court.

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