Things are getting downright nasty. Back in September, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub‘s estranged husband Marty Caffrey filed for divorce after only four months of marriage — and their less-than-amicable split is taking a turn for the worse. Earlier this week, Marty had to be escorted from the former couple’s marital home after Danielle obtained a temporary restraining order against him — and now, according to Us Weekly, Marty filed a restraining order against Danielle as well.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Marty, 66, filed a “concurrent restraining order on [Danielle]” after Danielle, 56, filed hers. “Hers is for publicity,” the source said while explaining that Marty filed his “because of [Danielle’s] desire to harass him through her thirsty need of publicity and to disparage him, amongst other things.” But, according to the insider, Marty does not plan to release the details of his restraining order.

This marks the fourth restraining order that was filed in the past four months since Marty initially filed for divorce from Danielle. The first restraining order was filed by Danielle in August, and Marty responded by filing his own restraining order just a few days later.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, Danielle filed a restraining order against Marty for her and her two daughters (Jillian, 20, and Christine, 24) and she obtained a temporary 10-day restraining order against Marty on Thursday, Jan. 4, according to People. But on Thursday night, things between the couple got heated and Marty had to be escorted from their marital home by police.

Even though the court is keeping details of Danielle’s temporary restraining order private, insiders revealed to People that Marty had allegedly been doing things like “purposely loosened light bulbs, locked her out of the house, cut off the power and hot water and emptied out their refrigerator” in order to “emotionally torment” Danielle amid their divorce.

A rep for Danielle responded to Marty’s recent restraining order filing. “Marty’s time would be much better spent trying to settle the divorce so both parties can move on and put an end to this absurdity,” the rep told Us Weekly.

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