He really just came out and said it. Footage of Nick Godejohn talking about Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder during a 20/20 interview back in January 2018 shows the convicted killer actually confessing to stabbing Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mom, and it’s kind of hard to believe. Watch the video above to see the chilling confession for yourself.

“Ok, I’ll admit it. I did actually stab her mom. I will admit it,” Godejohn says on camera. The person interrogating him then asks, “So when you’re stabbing Dee Dee, where is she at?” Godejohn answers, “She’s on her stomach.” He’s then asked if Gypsy’s mom screamed, to which he replies, “Yes, she did.” He says that she asked for help, and called out for Gypsy — but of course, her daughter never came.

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Dee Dee was murdered by Godejohn in her Missouri home in 2015, but her death was actually plotted by both her daughter and Gypsy’s now ex-boyfriend, Godejohn. Gypsy was convicted of her mother’s death, but took a plea deal that meant she will only spend ten years in prison on a second-degree murder charge.

Gypsy reportedly stole “a knife and gloves from Walmart to give to [Godejohn] to kill her mother,” according to the Springfield News-Leader. The former couple exchanged text messages where they discussed killing Dee Dee, and those texts exposed the duo’s plot to murder her. “Honey, you forget I am ruthless, and my hatred of her will force her to die,” he texted Gypsy, according to Buzzfeed. She later responded, “Hun does he require just the [gloves] and knife?” referring to his “evil side.” Gypsy also texted Godejohn on the night of Dee Dee’s murder, “I’ll hand him the knife and the duck tape inside Darling.”

So while Gypsy may have been the one to hand off the knife to her lover, Godejohn was the one who actually used it. And he fully admits to utilizing when he murdered Dee Dee in her bed in the video above. The crime, as well as the consequences Godejohn and Gypsy’s face after committing it, all play out on Hulu’s series The Act. But in this case, the truth really may be stranger than fiction.

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