Those who have been following Courtney Stodden know that she and her husband of six and a half years, Doug Hutchison, decided to separate back in February. Since then, the reality star turned to famed matchmaker Patti Stanger and will appear on the season finale of Million Dollar Matchmaker — and she opened up to In Touch exclusively about how the experience impacted the way she dates. More so, she admitted that she is open to dating a woman.

“I’m completely open right now,” Courtney told In Touch via phone on Thursday. “I’m bi-curious, I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily bisexual but bi-curious. I’m young! I got married at such a young age and for so long so I’m open — who am I to say that this isn’t something for me when I haven’t experienced a lot yet?”

While the blonde beauty has definitely made her return to the dating scene, that doesn’t mean her actor ex is completely out of her life. “He’s been there for me through a lot of hard times and hardships so I would hate to lose him as a source in my life — because he’s been there for me when a lot of people weren’t. We’re trying to handle each other with as much love and sensitivity as possible.”

courtney stodden and doug hutchison

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When it comes to Million Dollar Matchmaker, Courtney admitted that she had a “crazy” yet beneficial experience. “Obviously, getting out of a six and a half year marriage and getting married at such a young age, 16 years old to a man three times my age — you could imagine I don’t know how to date,” she said. “Patti obviously tells it how it is and I know I can be kind of complicated in the sense where I like things my own way and I do things my own way, and obviously it’s not working out for my dating life. So, I had to humble myself, and I know I needed to do that to move forward in a healthy direction with my dating life.”

The Mother/Daughter Experiment alum continued, “I walked away from the experience and I feel like I’ve grown a lot after sitting down with Patti and having her guide me in the short time she had with me. I really do feel like I stepped away from the experience with a better outlook on dating, but the whole experience was really crazy. I was misbehaving on the dates like I usually do, so I’m not really proud of that. It was good, though. It was a lot of fun and I’m actually dating now in a more proper, healthy way since meeting Patti and being on the show.”

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST on We TV. Watch the trailer for Courtney’s episode below!

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