Coparenting at its finest. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott plan to share their daughter, Stormi, after announcing their decision to “take a break,” a source told In Touch on Tuesday, October 1. According to Us Weekly, an insider said they intend to split time with their 20-month-old baby girl equally.

“It will be 50/50, but it’s not a point of contention,” the insider told the outlet. “It’s really whatever is best for Stormi. Travis knows what an incredible mom Kylie is and will make whatever situation work.” Another source echoed, “Travis still has a lot of love for Kylie and respects her as a mom. He will be very involved in Stormi’s life.”

Luckily, their separation isn’t forever … hopefully. “As far as I know, they’re just taking a break, it’s not a full-on split,” a separate insider told In Touch. “It wasn’t that long ago that Kylie was talking about having another baby with Travis, so this comes as a shock.”

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Will Share 5050 Custody of Stormi Post Split
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Their split came out of left field as these two were just spotted celebrating Kylie’s 22nd birthday together and seemed so in love. They were also seen showing tons of PDA as they walked the red carpet for Travis’ Look Mom I Can Fly premiere in late August.

Although this famous pair may be taking some time apart, Kylie’s family hopes they are just going through a rough patch. “Everyone is hoping that it’s just temporary. I do know that Travis doesn’t always want to be in that whirlwind public spotlight of the Kardashian and Jenner drama so maybe something happened,” the In Touch insider added.

“No one knows exactly what happened yet. I know that Kris [Jenner] loves Travis, and she would have told Kylie not to do anything drastic. But if you piss Kylie off enough she’ll say and do things to get back at you, and Travis isn’t one to stand around and take it.”

Fans may have noticed that Kylie, 22, attended Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding with only Stormi by her side. People were definitely thrown off as she still sported a purse in the shape of a butterfly — a symbol of her and Travis’ love.

“Travis not attending Justin and Hailey’s wedding with Kylie did raise some eyebrows. Kylie definitely wasn’t happy about that,” they concluded. “Travis is very mellow, he isolates sometimes, maybe it was all just getting to him and he decided not to go.” It looks like these two are doing what’s best for their little girl as they take time apart.

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