GR0 CEO Kevin Miller on How to Gain 1 Million+ Monthly Site Visitors Through Organic Marketing Channels

When he was first setting out to create his SEO agency, GR0 CEO Kevin Miller knew that he needed one thing before anything else: an example of his work. In his mind, he would never hire a painter without seeing a painting of theirs, and he would never consult a therapist who lacked formal training or a license. So, from the perspective of his prospective clients, why would they want to hire him if he couldn’t prove to them that he knew how to rank on Google?

To that end, he worked to build a website, and then apply a fine coating of SEO tactics so it could serve as an example of his expertise.

The website, The Word Counter, would go on to receive one million organic clicks and 200 million organic impressions in just sixteen months. It is a simple online tool that not only counts words, but also offers suggestions to improve the readability of your writing, and even has widgets that can take random letters and find words within them for those who would like to win a board game for a change.

In creating it, Miller was able to learn through his own trial and error, further honing his existing SEO knowledge and putting forth his own capital to do it.

The Man Behind the SEO Machine

Miller grew up as far from the capital of technology as possible, residing just north of Daytona in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Through his tenacity and perseverance, he was able to attend Georgetown University and study in the McDonough School of Business, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. With a degree in his hand, Miller then ventured from one coast to another, landing in the technology heart of the world: Silicon Valley.

There, Miller would spend years bouncing between startups and learning about company culture, growth marketing, product development, and all things online. He would even work for the biggest technology company in the world — Google — as a Digital Marketing Account Executive. But Miller’s ambitions were more than to be a tiny cog in a massive machine, instead he wanted to take what he learned in all of experiences and channel it into something of his own.

GR0’s Unique SEO Approach

GR0 was founded in 2020, and despite the difficulties the pandemic brought on, it offered some unique business opportunities as well. Talent was more available than ever via remote work, and with businesses being forced into the realm of ecommerce, the fight for online attention was tougher than ever.

This gave Miller and his co-founder Jon Zacharias the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their skills in SEO and to recruit the help they would need to start their business. The two of them would work directly with their first five clients as a test case, and build bigger from there.

In building an SEO campaign, GR0 focuses on three main elements, high-level content writing, backlink acquisition, and technical optimization. The optimized website acts as a vehicle that is fueled by written content and propelled by backlinks from partners that direct both users and Google’s indexing crawlers to the site.

At their scale, GR0 targets keywords that offer good value in searches, but also have a low difficulty to rank for. With these keywords, they craft articles that are long enough to compete with other ranking titles, and work to answer questions that a prospective customer might be searching for online.

To help further increase the rankings of this content, GR0 has built a network of journalists so it can offer something it calls “Performance PR,” which connects reporters with brands to produce compelling stories. The writer gets a valuable connection for their work, and in return the client gets a valuable backlink that helps improve their ratings within Google’s algorithm.

Finally, the website pages themselves are optimized for efficiency and contain the keywords themselves, so that Google’s search crawlers can easily navigate through them and connect the brand with the chosen keyword.

The Long Road Ahead

The journey for Miller has not always been an easy one, but it has certainly been a rewarding one, offering the entrepreneur an opportunity to create something of his own. This success is only the beginning for GR0, with so many plans in store to make the business even bigger than it’s already become.

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