Things didn’t look so good for Jared Fogle when the disgraced spokesman was found guilty on child pornography charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison. As it turns out, though, he may have gotten off easier than expected. Despite reports in the first few months of his sentence that he had been attacked by other inmates, now there are reports that the one-time face of Subway actually has a pretty sweet set-up. According to a new Daily Mail interview with his former cellmate, Marc Brooks, Fogle is “living the life.” Watch the video above to see what he revealed and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Jared from Subway
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According to Brooks, his former cellmate has even been working on his education in the prison, focusing on cooking. “He got his culinary arts certificate while all these other sex offenders were getting their GEDs and stuff,” he said. And that’s not even the only new skill Fogle can pursue. “There’s a hobby section there for painting, leather work … There’s people making little toy cars, carpentry … There’s dudes in there who do crochet and knitting.”

Of the former spokesperson specifically, he said, “Subway Guy is in the low security section, he’s in a dry cell. That means the door is never locked, he can wander around and use the phone, use the computers, use the movie theater, whatever he wants … He gets a lot of down time, there’s a recreation station with cards, Monopoly, Risk, so he can sit outside in the sun and chill with his little sex offender buddies … He’s getting money that he can spend in the commissary store. They have fancy snacks in there, stuff like candy, chips, meats, tuna, mackerel, real nice foods.”

All of that fits with a Radar Online report from June 2018 that Fogle had internet access and had been emailing women from behind bars. Prison may be meant to rehabilitate criminals — but it sounds like this one is enjoying his stay.

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