Actress Jane Fonda was arrested on Friday, October 10, at a climate change rally in Washington D.C.. The rally was held outside of the Capitol building where 81-year-old gave a passionate speech. “This is a man-made crisis,” she said. “This is a collective crisis that demands collective action now.”

Jane was taken away by police with her hands zip-tied behind her back. Fellow activists cheered on her on as she was escorted away. “We love you, Jane!” shouted the crowd.

The arrest comes as Jane announced she will be taking a break from her Netflix series Grace and Frankie to focus on political activism she plans to temporarily relocate to our nation’s capital until her work is done. She told the Los Angeles Times that she planned to get arrested — looks like everything is going according to plan!

Jane said she was inspired by teenage climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. “She read the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report and she realized that the crisis was barreling straight at us, like a train,” Jane told the outlet. “And looked around and people weren’t behaving appropriately.”

“It so traumatized her that she stopped eating. I hadn’t realized that she stopped eating and speaking for almost a year. And that really hit me.”

Jane Fonda Arrested Climate Change Rally Outside Capital Building

Jane’s rallies, known as Firedrill Fridays which will occur weekly, have a list of demands as to what they are fighting for. “The most important is to stop all new leasing permits for any fossil fuel development on public lands and waters. Because no matter what we do, if that doesn’t stop, we’re doomed,” she said. “Number two: gradual phaseout over 30 years with a fair transition. That means … all of those people who worked for the fossil fuel industry get decent union jobs … that can support a family.”

Being a political activist since the ’70s, Jane has seen her fair share of controversies. She was previously disliked by many as she protested the Vietnam War. This time, she said she is more accepted due to her hit TV show. “Unlike [with] my earlier activism, I have a hit series at my back. It’s so much easier for me. People like me! I used to do this [in the Vietnam era], and chunks of my hair would literally be pulled out.” All the power to you, Jane!

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