Gypsy Rose Blanchard revealed that she was high on painkillers when her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard, was murdered in June 2015. However, the Louisiana native said she doesn’t blame the drugs for actions.

“I don’t blame anything. I don’t make excuses,” Blanchard, 32, said to Deborah Rogers in a Friday, January 5, interview for ABC News on Good Morning America. “I don’t believe my mother is a monster. She had a lot of demons. I didn’t want her dead, I just wanted out of my situation, and I thought that was the only way out.”

“This is really hard to talk about because it took me down a really dark path,” Blanchard continued. “But I felt like it was my only way to cope for a time.”

Blanchard also revealed that she’s sober now.

“I haven’t used in four years, and I don’t feel the need to,” Blanchard confessed to Roberts.

Blanchard also opened up about her current plans with husband Ryan Anderson. The two began dating while she was still behind bars and officially said “I ​do” before her release on December 23, 2023.

“It is I had to kiss a couple of frogs to get to this one,” Blanchard gushed. “We’ve talked about starting a family, we just don’t know when at this point. Our lives are pretty hectic right now.”

In a separate interview with Entertainment Online that was published on Friday, January 5, Blanchard said that she doesn’t “have any reservations” about having kids with Anderson.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard exiting a car in NYC
Raymond Hall / Getty Images

“We’re just trying to start off the marriage on a good foot before we bring kids into this situation right now,” Blanchard said.

Since her release after serving eight years of her 10-year sentence, Blanchard hasn’t been shy about sharing her excitement about what her future with Anderson holds.

“Spending eight and a half years in prison, all I was was all alone,” Blanchard explained. “I was tired of sleeping in a bed by myself. I was tired of feeling like I had no one to share memories with. I always knew that I wanted to share it with someone, I just didn’t know who. And now, I know who.”

A photo Blanchard posted on Instagram two days after her release showed her and Anderson sharing a kiss on the night before New Year’s Eve in front of a neon sign lighting up with their names.

“A New Year’s Eve Eve kiss with my hubby,” Blanchard captioned the photo.

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