Her parents may approve of future husband Ken, but what does Gypsy Rose Blanchard‘s in-law-to-be think of her? After step-mom Kristy Blanchard confirmed to In Touch that the couple’s engagement is back on, Gypsy shared with E! that her fiancé’s mom is not only supportive of her, but also supportive of their relationship. What’s more, Ken’s mom is also the reason they met. Though she didn’t introduce the couple by any means — family friend Fancy Macelli revealed in April 2019 that they met as pen pals while Gypsy’s been behind bars — she did watch the HBO documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest and encouraged her son to do the same.

“She [saw] my documentary before he did, and she told him to watch [it],” Gypsy, 28, said. After he tuned in, he decided to reach out. “He wrote me a letter of support … in 2017,” she explained. “I wrote him back and pretty soon we just started writing on a weekly basis. We became fast friends.” Ken’s mom was also the first to pick up the fact that the friends’ feelings had turned romantic.

“She told me the whole story about how he talked about me and how he has never talked about a girl like that before. She kind of called it. She was like, ‘You like that girl’, and he was like, ‘No, she is just my best friend.’ It wasn’t until [he visited] that it all kind of came out and we possessed our feelings for each other.” Gyspy and Ken’s mom have hit it off, too. “She’s a sweetheart and completely supportive of our relationship,” the 28-year-old said. “She’s always been supportive of me.”

Gypsy shared that her father has also officially given the couple his blessing, though Fancy exclusively revealed to In Touch in July 2019 that the parents had their concerns. “Ken looked at my dad and was like, ‘You know, I really love your daughter and I have the best intentions with her and I really want to marry her and I would like your blessing,'” the bride-to-be said. “My dad turned at him and looked at me and looked back at him said, ‘Welcome to the family. I hope you can take care of her.’ Gave him the blessing and made me want to cry.”

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