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21st-century parents are well aware of the stresses that come with raising a child in the technological era. Kids love to use tablets, televisions, computers, and other digital devices.

The problem is that these are often gateways to a variety of unpleasant and even unsafe situations. From viewing inappropriate material to cyberbullying to interacting with strangers, there’s no end to the kind of trouble kids can get into online.

These pitfalls make the question of getting a smartphone for your child a challenge. And yet, kids continue to receive their first phones at shockingly young ages — think middle school, on average.

Gabb Wireless is well aware of this dilemma. Rather than settling for a software filter or blocker, the company has flexed its creativity and come up with a unique solution: a smartphone designed just for kids.

How Gabb Is Revolutionizing Kids Phones


For Gabb Wireless, getting a phone feels a lot like getting your first car. It represents personal privacy and is a right of passage for those entering adulthood. 

It’s also a family affair, with parents and children alike getting in on the action. While fun on the surface, getting a phone also comes with many concerns and new responsibilities. A driver must follow the rules of the road, no matter how new they are. But a phone — especially a smartphone — is fairly unrestricted.

That’s where Gabb is rewriting the playbook. The company understands that it’s hard to deny kids this crucial status symbol. Even the most adamant parents can lose patience as they try to hold out year after year.

This hesitance also creates the problem of making a phone feel like a “dirty little secret.” By making it off-limits, you put a certain premium on the idea of having a phone in the first place.

Gabb Wireless believes that parents should work with their kids to address the phone issue rather than taking a hardline approach. That’s why they’ve created their innovative phones for kids. Gabb Wireless phones operate as a fully functional smartphone without several of the non-kid-friendly frills, such as:

  • Internet browsing: Unrestricted internet access may have its upsides, but there are too many dark, dangerous corners of the web to leave a child roaming online unsupervised.
  • Games: Games are great, but many designers create phone games specifically to encourage addiction, spending money, and avoiding people.
  • Social media: Once again, social media has its place, but the number of negative influencing factors that it can have on an impressionable child makes it a bad candidate for a kids’ phone.
  • Group text: Like social media, group texts open the doors for things like peer pressure and the “madness of crowds” effect teenagers can have on one another.
  • Picture messages: The ability to text pictures presents too many opportunities for unsavory behavior.
  • An app store: There’s no end to the number of third-party apps out there, making an app store a nonstarter.

Parents should avoid these unnecessary factors if they want to find a safe phone for kids. Instead, Gabb Wireless offers a paired-down option that is easy to use and comes with various kid-friendly features. For instance, the brand’s signature Gabb Z2 model comes with:

  • GPS and Find My Phone tracking;
  • Camera and video functionality;
  • A Bluetooth connection;
  • Unlimited talk and text capabilities.

In other words, Gabb’s phone offers a fun and safe way for your kids to plug into the 21st-century. At the same time, it protects them from the potential pitfalls that come with digital devices and internet access.


The Gabb Mission

Gabb is more than just a cellphone company. It’s a brand that has been created with a mission to bring families together. The brand focuses on several distinct areas to foster togetherness. 

Empowering Parents to Protect Their Children

It’s hard to raise kids in a tech-happy world. Parents feel pressure to help their kids keep up with the technological evolution taking place around them. At the same time, they know the perils of unfettered smartphone access. Excessive and unrestricted smartphone usage, in particular, can lead to unhealthy habits and even dangerous situations.

Gabb’s goal from the get-go has been to equip parents to protect their children. The company looks further than a simple filter or site blocker. They empower families to stay connected while also being safe.

Living Life Beyond the Screen

Gabb is also consistent in expressing its desire to encourage life beyond the screen. Smartphones may be a modern necessity, but that hardly means we need to use them all the time. 

On the contrary, by offering a simple, no-frills smartphone option, Gabb frees children to live their lives offline. Fewer digital distractions mean less screen time. This no-frills smartphone enables kids to spend time doing other activities, from socializing to sports, board games, reading, and more.

How to Get a Gabb Wireless Phone

You can see the depth of Gabb’s commitment to its mission of empowering and protecting families in how it presents its phones. Rather than pushing quick, uninformed sales, they’ve provided many resources that can help guide the phone buying process. 

Gabb recommends starting with their parent’s guide to buying a kid’s phone for the first time. This guide discusses things like gauging age and maturity — i.e., readiness to own a phone — as well as factors you should look for when considering getting your child a phone

Once you’re ready, you can head to the Gabb homepage and click on the shop option to find the brand’s sleek Gabb Z2 Phone model. The Gabb Z2 comes in multiple plan options with no contracts, unlimited talk and text, and even multi-line discounts available. The devices have free shipping, arrive pre-activated, and come with a nifty 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s Time to Gab with Gabb

Finding an effective, safe, kid-friendly phone can be difficult. Yet, keeping technology from your kids for too long can hold them back and stunt their education.

Gabb’s smartphone for kids offers a genuine solution that takes safety, communication, and life, in general, into account at the same time. It’s a family-friendly solution for a tech-driven era.

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