Fans thought a romance was brewing between Evelyn Lozada and Rob Kardashian after seeing their NSFW Twitter exchange, but she’s now setting the record straight about those rumors in an exclusive interview with In Touch. The Basketball Wives star clarified that Rob is “more of a friend.”

“I sent him a Father’s Day text message and we’re not filtered. Him neither,” the author of the newly released book The Perfect Date, 43, tells In Touch exclusively about how the conversation started. “So I said ‘Happy Father’s Day Big D–k Rob,’ is what I said and he laughed and he was like ‘I bet you won’t say that to the world,’ and I said ‘don’t test me because I will.’ So it started out as a dare and then he said what he said and that was it but I keep saying I’ve never seen his sausage, I have no idea what his sausage looks like,” Evelyn added, while discussing the since-deleted tweets.

Evelyn Lozada Wearing White Tube Top and Trousers and Hair Bun Smiling and Holding Small Purse
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The VH1 alum mentioned that Rob, 32, is a “really nice guy” and addressed how they actually have a solid bond. “He’s a great dad and I have compassion — I kind of feel bad for certain things that have happened to him, because I know that he’s a good person. So you know,” Evelyn continued. As far as if dating is in the cards for her and Rob, the reality star said, “He’s more like a friend.”

Rob isn’t the only Kardashian that Evelyn knows, either. “Actually I was friends with him first like years ago and then I met Khloé Kardashian through the Good American campaign and all of that but you know, you never know what the universe is going to do,” she spilled to In Touch.

Evelyn Lozada wears a tan jacket with a black top holding her book: the perfect date.
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During the interview, Evelyn also gave some insight on her current love life. “I’m like an open book … I’m not actively dating. I’m open to dating. This is the first time in my life I’m single, honestly,” she tells In Touch. When it comes to the qualities she’s looking for in a suitor, Evelyn said that she’s just hoping to find an overall good person. “If you have kids, great — even better for me. A good father. Have your career together. No baby mama drama. Good credit. Look good,” she said.

Evelyn is hoping to find a man who can bring something to the table just like she can. The mother-of-two recently launched her new CBD skincare line, BX Glow. The line is comprised of a daily cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream and hydra-cream, all priced under $50 and available on RivalWorld!

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