Just hours after Danielle Milian — star of Christina Milian Turned Up — welcomed a baby, named Richie, the newborn tragically died, she revealed on Instagram.

She wrote, "Yesterday I was blessed with the birth of my Richie Bear. Unfortunately, last night he took his place with the Lord and we said goodbye. I so appreciate the prayers and support from everyone. He touched my heart and was perfect in so many ways."

Shortly after his birth, she shared a picture of her little “fighter,” who was diagnosed with Omphalocele — a life-threatening birth defect in which organs such as the intestines and liver develop outside the body.

Earlier this summer, she revealed the diagnosis — which she was told had a 53-percent chance of mortality — and opened up about how doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy, which she and her husband, Richard, obviously decided against.

“I said to [Richard], ‘Could you live with this?’ Because I know I can. I know I can be in a hospital every day. As a mother, I will do whatever it takes for my child,” she told Us Weekly at the time.

“I said, ‘I could spend two years in a hospital. Can you live with this?’ and Richard said to me, ‘Will he be able to fall in love?’ and ‘Will he be able to get a job?' … If his disability would not affect his ability to fall in love, then there is absolutely no reason he doesn’t deserve life.’”

Eventually, they decided they had to give him a shot — even though, ultimately, their time with him was brief. At the time of the diagnosis, she said, “No matter how long he has in this world, I could not imagine taking his chance.”

Our thoughts are with the bereaved parents, as well as Richie's big sister Naomi, 1, and brother Daniel, 8.