These two have seen better days. Even before they got married in July 2010, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s relationship had problems from the outset. The fiercely devout Christians met in 2008 at a meet-and-greet following one of her concerts. But there was one big issue: He was based in Canada, where he played hockey for the Ottawa Senators, while she was in Nashville and on the road touring.

"I mean, can I make dating more difficult?" Carrie later said. They chatted for months before meeting up again on New Year’s Eve. Their first kiss took place just as the ball dropped. By the next December they were engaged, and then that following summer they became husband and wife. But what they thought would be an epic love story looks like it won’t have a happy ending.

In fact, an insider exclusively tells In Touch just how different the pair — who share son Isaiah, 3 — have found themselves to be from each other. To remedy the current tension in their marriage, Carrie, 34, suggested that they attend couples counseling. But Mike, 37, hasn’t shown interest…ever. "He doesn’t necessarily say no, but he just kicks that can down the road," the source explains. "He admits he isn’t really comfortable with the idea."

But while Mike isn’t comfortable with therapy, shy Carrie is sometimes uncomfortable with her spouse’s outgoing personality. "Mike is as gregarious as they come. He thinks nothing of inviting six people over, people Carrie barely knows," says an insider, adding that even their opposite diets are starting to cause friction. "Carrie not only doesn't eat meat, she doesn’t want to cook it," says an insider close to carnivore Mike. "She wants to be the kind of wife who makes her husband dinner, but it becomes a problem."

The source continues, "They often cook two separate meals prepared separately, so dinnertime isn’t really a bonding process." And if Mike continues to push the idea of couples counseling away — especially if they are arguing over minuscule issues like dinner — then loved ones fear Carrie and her hubby are nearing the end.

"If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart, they will have no choice but to divorce," says the source. "This will tear Carrie apart because of her faith and the vows she took. Obviously, it’s something neither of them wants, and the stakes are higher than they were a few years ago because of their son. But more and more, they seem to be going separate ways, and it could spell doom for their marriage."

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