Sadly, the Cosby family said goodbye to Ensa Cosby on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018. According to TMZ, Bill Cosby‘s 44-year-old daughter passed away in Massachusetts late last week. As of now, the cause of death is still unknown, but the site believes medical issues led to her death.

bill cosby daughter ensa getty

Ensa’s death came only one month before her father’s rape retrial is set to begin. She famously stood by her father during his sexual assault allegations.

“The accusations against my father have been one-sided from the beginning. When he tried to defend himself, he was sued in civil court,” she said in a statement on The Breakfast Club. “I’ve seen the accusations become more horrific and extreme with time and I’ve witnessed my father’s reputation and legendary works be dismissed without any proof. I strongly believe my father is innocent of the crimes that are alleged against him and I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal. How the charges came against him, how people believed them before they were ever scrutinized or tested, how people who questioned the claims were shut down and ignored.”

She added, “My father has been publicly lynched in the media. My family, my young daughter, my young niece and nephew have had to stand helplessly by and watch the double standards of pretending to protect the rights of some, but ignoring the rights of others and exposing innocent children to such appalling accusations about someone they love dearly and who has been so loving and kind to them is beyond cruel.”

This is the second child the Cosby family has lost. Ennis Cosby was murdered in 1997 during a botched carjacking in LA. Ensa is survived by her parents Bill and Camille, her siblings, and her husband Martin McLean.

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