Vin diesel dancing

WATCH: Vin Diesel Says
Thank You To Facebook
Fans… With a Video of
Him Dancing To Beyoncé
and Katy Perry!


Vin Diesel’s movie Riddick is on the top of the DVD charts, and he’s celebrating the way we all celebrate… by having a solo dance party!

The video, which is seven and a half minutes long, features the 46-year-old dancing alone to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Drunk In Love”—and let’s just say he gave the Grammy performers a run for their money!


Sure, the video is a little awkward, but let’s be honest… any video of you dancing alone would be a little awkward too!

While we definitely got a kick out of his sweet moves, there’s also an emotional message to the video.

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“Guys I’m just, I’m excited I’m happy and calling you guys or shouting out to you guys to say thank you,” he tells his fans. “Universal just called me and told me that Riddick is No. 1 on the DVD charts. There’s no way in the world Riddick would have been made without you guys.”

It’s especially exciting to see Vin looking so happy after the heartbreak he experienced when he tragically lost his “brother” Paul Walker in a car crash in late November. The two costarred in The Fast and the Furious franchise together.

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In the video, the action star continues his heartfelt message by saying, “Really, really, really thank you so much. Yeah, I’m excited. Of course, Universal is also saying they want to develop the next one!”

Well, fellow Vin lovers, you know what we have to do… make sure that movie gets made, get it to No. 1 at the box office, and then No. 1 on the DVD charts! All so we can see his sweet moves again!