Sophia Bush, secret
90210 fan


She's a star of a hit TV show, but One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush can admit to being a teenybopper fan herself. "My dad is a big advertising and beauty photographer... and I could go into work and get to sit behind the camera and watch all these people that I idolized," Sophia tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. "I remember when I was young, meeting the whole cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 and just looking at Jennie Garth and being like, 'Oh my God!'" As for how she spends her time and with whom, Sophia hangs out with her co-stars. "James [Lafferty] is one of my best friends," she says. "Me and James and Paul Johansson were all just up in Whistler, snowboarding together, and I busted my knee on Blackcomb. It definitely earned me some street cred with the boys! Paul was like, 'You're a tough cookie, Soph!' and James was like, 'You're kinda gangsta!'" As for how she plans on spending Valentine's Day this year, Sophia, who says she's not dating anyone special, reveals the unique way she celebrates the romantic holiday. "One of my favorite things to do on Valentine's Day is send cards to all of my girlfriends. As men come and go, your girls are always there," says Sophia. "And those ladies are my insides, they're my everything, so they always get cards from me on Valentine's Day!"