Shonda rhimes scandal memoirs

'Scandal' and 'Grey's
Anatomy' Creator
Shonda Rhimes Is
Writing Her Memoirs


Usually, Shonda Rhimes writes words for other people to say. But now the super-successful creator of Scandal will be speaking for herself.



Simon & Schuster will publish Shonda's currently-untitled memoir in 2015. The Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice creator promises to leave no stones unturned in the book. In addition to talking about her professional achievements, she will share her experiences as the single adoptive mom of three daughters. A rep for the publisher describes the book as "part memoir, part inspiration, part prescription."

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Shonda added, "I have made a lot of mistakes as a single mother, and as a working mother, and as a sleepless mother, and as a dating mother. And I did all of it while running a bunch of TV shows. So I'm going to write about that and hope my kids don't use it against me in therapy later."

And that's not the only big project in the works for the multi-talented showrunner. She's currently working on a screenplay called War Correspondents for Sony. When does this woman sleep?!