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Justin Bieber And
Selena Gomez Back
Together? Exclusive


A new year means an old flame reunited for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

An eyewitness tells In Touch that the former flames were seen riding Segways in Calabasas on Jan. 2; while the couple, who were joined by a friend of Justin, appeared to be having a great time—although it made for a difficult time for their neighbors!

 “Justin and his friend were ahead while Selena trailed behind,” the source revealed. “His security was blocking the road and it held up traffic.”

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After two years of dating, the young couple called it quits a year ago—in January 2013; despite them both being candid about the difficulties of their relationship, and subsequent breakup, in the past, the onlooker said that things seemed to be great between Selena and Justin.

“They looked like they were having a really good time and having so much fun,” the source told In Touch. “Obviously the two are talking again but they haven’t been seen in the neighborhood together before.”

The source added that Selena was more open with the relationship, while Justin seemed hesitant.

“Justin got mad that people saw them together and took photos but Selena was nice and didn’t seem to care,” he said. “Looks like she is more okay with them going public together. Looks like they are starting the new year on a new foot.”

Or should we say… a new two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transport vehicle?!