Jc chasez girl radical

JC Chasez: Girl
Radical Is "One of the
Most Exciting Things
I've Ever Done In My
Entire Life"


Former *NSYNC band member JC Chasez's boy band days may be over, but he's now putting all his knowledge in time into his newest project, 11 member girl group Girl Radical.

"It's one of the most exciting things I've ever done in my entire life," he says of forming the band, who just released their newest single "Santa (Bring Me My Baby Tonight)."

Just because JC is back to being around a band 24/7, it hasn't given him the bug quite yet for a big time *NSYNC reunion.

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"All my attention, all my time, all my energy is going into the project Girl Radical," he says. I love and care for the guys in *NSYNC and we did something that we had a lot of fun doing, but right now, my heart is in this project."

Also on JC's agenda? Hopefully becoming a groomsman in former bandmate Lance Bass' wedding!

"God, I hope so! Who knows. He also has family members. Who knows, but either way, I'm going to obviously be there."

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One thing for sure hasn't changed for everyone's favorite former boy band. When they get together, Chasez says it's just like old times.

"It's just laughs. At this point, it's good to see your friends. When you see your friends, it's awesome."

Make sure and check out Girl Radical's newest holiday song, which was co-written by JC, Jimmy Harry, and members Kota and Rosie: