Justin bieber photos prank

Is Justin’s Photo
Scandal A Prank?


Sorry, Beliebers… it looks like you just got Punk’d!

Days after Justin Bieber took to his Twitter account to reveal that he was robbed of a camera and laptop both containing “personal footage” of the star, we’ve all been waiting for scandalous pics of the Biebs to start invading the web.

Though some naked photos have been circulating around— allegedly belonging to Justin— it’s hard for fans to tell if the images have been doctored to look like him or if they’re the real deal.

Enter, 'Gexwy,' an anonymous Twitter user who surfaced only days after the Biebs was robbed. 'Gexwy' claimed to be in possession of Justin’s stolen goods, and even posted several videos of the star to prove that he was, in fact, legitimate.

Today at noon, the robber was supposed to debut the naughty stuff he found on JBiebs’ electronics, leaving already-anxious fans even more on the edge of their seats.

"No matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong" the pop star Tweeted to his arch-nemesis. 'Gexwy' replied, “TOMORROW PUNK!” and signed offline.

At noon today, Nicki Minaj tweeted about a "BIG surprise" — as did Justin.

So what was it?

“HERE IT IS @JUSTINBIEBER!!!” 'Gexwy' tweeted. A screencap from the music video for the Bieber-Minaj collaboration "Beauty and a Beat" then appeared on VEVO.

It looks like the photo scandal was a prank after all! Check out the video that’s the end result of what seems to be a pretty clever marketing ploy.