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Glanville Defends
Twitter Rant: I Have a
Right To Speak To My


When it comes to her kids, Brandi Glanville’s not about to let her fans tell her what to do— and she has no problem telling them that.

In a new interview with In Touch, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star defends her recent attempt to contact her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, via Twitter after she couldn’t reach her sons, Jake and Mason, on Monday night. 
"I have a timeframe set by the court where I am allowed to call and talk to the boys while they are with Eddie and Leann,” Brandi exclusively tells In Touch. “I called and called during that timeframe and no one answered my calls. In a last ditch attempt I put it on twitter.”
Brandi wrote to her ex: 
Her actions unleashed fan fury when they accused her of tweeting for the purpose of starting a Twitter war with her nemesis, Eddie’s wife LeAnn Rimes. But that wasn’t the case at all. 
“I called over and over and never got anyone to pick up, so I wanted to speak to my kids and have that right,” Brandi tells the mag. “Sure enough, within minutes of posting on twitter, I got a phone call.”
She also took to Twitter to share her disapproval of fans meddling in her business. 
She continued: “FYI I am only allowed to call my kids between 7 pm & 730 each evening, so when I cant reach them I freak, I always answer anytime dad calls. Have kids then have them taken away half the time& get f**king back 2 me when u cant even call & say goodnight,bye.”
While Brandi admits that she “opened up a can of worms” and that “co-parenting is hard,” she firmly believes she deserved to speak to her boys— even if it meant calling their father out on Twitter. 
“It worked but I should not have to do things like that to get Eddie to pick up my calls when it's in our agreement that I can speak to [the children] during that timeframe,” she tells In Touch. “It is not much to ask and I do the same for him when I have the boys.”