If you’re a true crime fan, you may already be familiar with the story of the Preppy Killer, a.k.a. Robert Chambers. In 1986, he strangled a woman named Jennifer Levin, but was only convicted of manslaughter rather than murder. Today, he’s still behind bars — but on completely different charges. Keep scrolling to get the latest update on where Preppy Killer Robert Chambers is today. 

Who was Jennifer Levin?

Levin, 18 at the time of her death, was a young woman found strangled and half-naked behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Her body was discovered by a cyclist on August 26, 1986.

Who is the Preppy Killer?

Chambers, now 53, was a former prep school athlete who police suspected of murdering Levin. In 1986, he was arrested following her death after bar patrons at a venue called Dorrian’s Red Hand reported that they saw the two leaving together. Scratches on his face and arms seemed to indicate that he had been involved in a violent confrontation, though he initially claimed they were cat scratches. Eventually, Chambers confessed that he had accidentally suffocated Levin after he claimed that she had gotten violent with him during rough sex.

How long did Chambers serve for killing Levin?

Though Chambers was charged with two counts of second-degree murder, he wasn’t convicted on either. Because the jury in the case took nine days to deliberate and still hadn’t reached a verdict, Chambers and his lawyer agreed to a plea deal with the prosecutor. Ultimately, he plead guilty to manslaughter in the first degree and one count of burglary and was sentenced to five to 15 years. He was released on February 14, 2003.

Preppy Killer Robert Chambers in Court
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Where is the Preppy Killer now?

Despite being released from prison over 16 years ago, Chambers is back behind bars as of 2019. Just a few years after he finished serving his sentence for Levin’s death, he was sent back to prison twice — and is currently serving a 19-year sentence.

Why is Robert Chambers still in prison today?

In 2004, the convicted killer was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine, driving with a suspended license, and driving a car without a valid inspection sticker. After pleading guilty in July 2005, he served less than four months behind bars. However, in 2007, he was arrested again, this time for selling a controlled substance and resisting arrest. In August 2008, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. His earliest release date is January 2024, and he may be released as late as October 2026.

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