Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend, Bryan Randall, may be quite the looker — but his past isn’t nearly as attractive as he is!

According to a new report by Radar Online, the 49-year-old photographer was once accused of smearing dog feces on his neighbor’s door as a result of his explosive temper.

The allegations were made by a neighbor in paperwork filed to get a temporary restraining order against the stud.

Radar reports the legal documents, filed by John Stacer in 2012, state, “On the evening of 7/26/12 I was walking by and Bryan Randall confronted me about my dog defecating in the front of the building. He was videotaping me and said, ‘Pick up your dog’s sh-t, a–hole.’ He is a big guy and I was scared to go any closer so I called my dog back toward me and took him upstairs.”

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He continues, “I was about to go back outside to pick up the feces when I heard a commotion and my girlfriend came home moments later. She said there was feces spread in our doorway. I cleaned it up and she sent Bryan a message saying it was unacceptable what he did.”

Mr. Stacer claims Sandy’s new beau threatened, “10 days from now this will play out differently,” adding, “[Stacer] will see another side as soon as [Bryan’s] kid is out of state.”

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“I filed a police report the next morning for criminal threats,” Bryan’s neighbor explains, per the documents. “I know he has guns and a notoriously erratic temper and I am scared of what he will do next, as his daughter will be gone come Sunday.”

Authorities granted the temporary restraining order against the 51-year-old actress’ new beau.

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This comes shortly after it was reported that the photog is a “family man” who is already bonding with the Oscar winner’s five-year-old son, Louis.

“He’s mentioned that he recently spent time with her and her son in New Orleans,” a source recently alleged. “He likes her a lot.”

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