She’s a dedicated woman. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump got incredibly candid during a discussion with her husband, Ken Todd, about her brother’s death during the season 9 premiere of the show. On February 12, the Bravo TV star admitted that she went back to work at her and her husband’s West Hollywood restaurants just two days after her 59-year-old sibling was laid to rest.

“I think work’s a good distraction,” the 58-year-old told her 61-year-old husband, who responded with, “It’s the best distraction there is.”

The show then cut to Lisa’s emotional confessional, where she explained exactly how big of a part her work has played in her grieving process. “I decided that two days after the funeral, I had to get back to work,” she tearfully admitted. “I hadn’t been in our businesses.”

It’s clear by her heartbreaking reaction that going back to work wasn’t the easiest choice for her, but we all know LVP. If there’s anyone who can put things aside and get sh-t done, it’s her.

“I’m a strong woman, I can cope,” she continued in her confessional. “But I was never prepared for this. And it’s been very difficult, very difficult.” It’s tough seeing Lisa cry — we can only imagine how difficult this has been for her.

The SUR owner’s brother, Mark, died from a suspected overdose in April 2018. Lisa noted in her confessional that it had been three months since the tragedy, so it makes sense that things would still be raw for the reality star during filming.

“Remember, he’s the one who introduced us as well,” Ken reminded Lisa during their talk, which makes things surrounding his passing even more emotional. Without him, there may have never been this power couple we now know and love.

“My brother was kind of my partner in crime growing up, but we did used to torture each other all the time,” the TomTom owner spoke fondly during her confessional. “It was just the two of us.”

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