Move over, Dan Bilzerian… There’s a new self-proclaimed “King of Instagram.” And he’s also an over-the-top, super wealthy jerk.

Meet Tony Toutouni. The billionaire businessman has amassed nearly one million followers in less than a year using the handle “@lunatic_living” — and we must say, that’s a pretty accurate way to describe him…

“What man in this world can’t say this isn’t the lifestyle they want to live? It’s a lifestyle that every man wants to live and I enjoy living it,” the 42-year-old says of his extravagant existence, which includes spending a lot of money on, and time with, beautiful women.

“As a single guy, I dated many, many women. Being young in LA and having anything you want, it’s not that hard to get any girl you want.”

He says he doesn’t mean to compete with Bilzerian — explaining the two are actually buddies. In fact, the controversial playboy’s large Instagram following inspired Toutouni to get in on the action.

“… Dan is actually a friend of mine and the whole Instagram thing started because he was posting on it. I saw that his Instagram following was growing pretty fast so I started doing it,” he tells
The Mirror.’

For the NSFW pics, click here, here, and here.

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