So brave. Last April, Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann went through a terrifying ordeal after their son Kash was bitten in the face by the family’s dog, Sinn. The nasty dog bite required a rush to a nearby hospital and emergency surgery for the five-year-old, but even after going through all of that, Kash is still best friends with his favorite dog — but Kim is getting a ton of backlash because of her choice to keep Sinn around.

Kim took to Instagram to share a picture of her son getting a sweet kiss on the mouth from his pal Sinn, and fans slammed Kim in the comments. “So your [sic] going to wait until the dog bites him again right!! And it’s nasty,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “I would NEVER keep a [dog] that did what Sinn did to my son, never.”

After the scary incident, Kim and her hubby were forced to make a very tough decision: putt Sinn down, re-home him, or forgive the pup for what he did and keep him as a part of their family. They temporary re-homed Sinn after the accident and they worked closely with a dog trainer before they decided to keep him — and Kash and Sinn had a very emotional reunion when Kim and Kroy reintroduced Sinn to Kash on a previous episode of Bravo’s Don’t Be Tardy

“Kash may say he wants to be around Sinn, but we don’t know how he’s going to react when he sees Sinn,” Kim said in her confessional. Her hubby said that if the situation made their son uncomfortable in any way, they would have reacted accordingly, by either slowing things down or removing the dog from the family home.

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During the episode, Kroy released the husky-boxer mix from his gated enclosure and kept his muzzle on for safety. As soon as Kash saw the pup, he got down on the ground next to him and cuddled with his pet. “Hi buddy,” the five-year-old said. “You’re a good boy.”

Kash was nearly blinded in one eye and spent four days in the hospital after Sinn bit him— which occurred when Kash was playing with the family’s leaf blower. Sinn doesn’t like the leaf blower, which is why the dog was in “high alert” at the time of the incident, Kroy explained in a previous episode, and the bite happened while Kroy had his back turned to the dogs and his son. But the couple believed that the bite was an accidental “nip” and not an “attack” and that was part of the reason why they decided to keep him, Kim revealed to People

“We all really love Sinn, but Kash really really loves Sinn and that’s really the only reason why we’re bringing Sinn back,” Kim told the cameras.

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