The resemblance is uncanny. Actress Katie Holmes is reportedly shocked by how much her daughter, Suri Cruise, is turning into a Tom Cruise mini-me, and not just in the way the 12-year-old looks, Radar Online reported on Monday.

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An insider told the online outlet, “Suri is morphing into her father’s image in more ways than one, and it’s even taken Katie by surprise. It’s not just her features – Suri’s personality is becoming more like Tom’s every day.”

Katie and Tom got married in Italy on Nov. 18, 2006, but welcomed their daughter Suri months before that on April 18, according to Us Weekly. They were only together for a few years of Suri’s life — Katie filed for divorce on June 28, 2012 — and some sources have claimed in the past that the father and daughter have limited contact. Which might be why Katie is supposedly surprised by how similar the two may be.

The Radar source claimed Suri is “meticulous about her diet and what she eats and how much, and she’s even started to get into her exercise. She’s quite bossy and likes to prove her point with over the top gestures, too,” which the outlet compared to Tom’s own behavior and mannerisms.

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Any reported lack of a relationship between Tom and Suri is not for lack of trying on Katie’s part. An insider told In Touch back in Sept. 2017, “Tom is Suri’s father, and she wants them to have a relationship.” The source reported that Katie has tried reaching out so Tom can resume contact with Suri, and there’s a chance that Suri’s “Tom Cruise mini-me” status is pushing Katie to want them to have that relationship even more.

Katie is now with Jamie Foxx, and the two have been romantically linked for more than five years. A source even told In Touch on Nov. 6 that the two are possibly engaged, although her representative denied that claim.

But even if Katie, Suri, and Jamie are all able to live happily ever after, Tom may always linger in Suri’s looks and actions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s hopefully not too painful for the mom and daughter if Tom’s relationship with them is as strained as it sounds.

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