You can choose your friends… but not your family.

Jyl Moder, sister of Julia Roberts’ husband Danny, was arrested and slapped with a domestic violence charge on July 20 after she got in a fight with her boyfriend at a bar.

Though the charges were allegedly dropped, Jyl has since taken to Facebook to maintain her innocence regarding the “misunderstanding” that she labeled “mortifying.”


Julia and husband Daniel Moder in 2011.

“If you did not hear, I got arrested.” She wrote along with some background details of the case, Radar reports.

She added, “Had an argument with my guy and I went to jail.”

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Her rant continued, “Because I am related to a celebrity, it got out everywhere. I am not a violent person. People that knew me would say the same. I am embarrassed and mortified. I feel I have to defend myself,” which she died by writing,

“There was no bar fight.”

While the Academy Award winner has yet to comment on her sister-in-law’s arrest, the mother-of-three, 47, and her sister-in-law have a history of tension as Jyl reportedly held Julia responsible for causing the heart attack that led to the death of Jyl and Danny’s mother, Patti, four years prior.

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