This is pretty disgusting. A JonBenét Ramsey blogger named David J. Hughes was reportedly arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a child, according to Radar Online on January 24. The outlet reported that Vermont authorities charged Hughes, 37, with three felonies back in December. The charges came after police found evidence he videotaped a 2014 attack on a 3-year-old girl.

But that’s unfortunately not the end of it. Police said they also discovered tapes that allegedly depict Hughes telling two boys, aged 10 and 11, to take their clothes off. He allegedly admitted to watching porn with children in it, and the investigation is active and ongoing.

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Radar Online reported that authorities are now checking out Hughes’ computer for possible links to JonBenét’s murder. Detective Ryan Ashe of the Rutland, Vermont police department told the outlet Hughes said he has family “out west,” and that he will be contacting Boulder police to discuss the situation. “If we could establish he was in Colorado or the general vicinity of Boulder, we could develop enough probable cause to get a warrant,” Ashe said.

Hughes was only 15 when JonBenét was found dead in her home in on December 26, 1996. But he has admitted in the past that he has an “obsession” with her murder, and told Radar, “It seems to have consumed most of my life.” Yea, that seems like enough to make authorities suspicious.

Hughes also once wrote a book, An Angel Betrayed, in which he implied JonBenét enjoyed the assault. He reportedly wrote, “[Children] don’t always know it’s wrong, especially if their victimizer is a trusted adult … and most of them want to please adults.” (Yikes).

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Hughes has said he “was in no way involved in JonBenét’s death,” but these new charges for alleged crimes could have the potential to unveil new evidence. For now, the little girl’s murder still remains a mystery, and Hughes will hopefully face his alleged crimes in court very soon.

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