Ivan LeCasque lives his life with a "the bigger the better" mentality.

The 59-year-old successfully persuaded his girlfriend, Victoria, in addition to three past partners, to undergo breast enhancement surgery — solely because he enjoys a large chest. (Note: He's paid for all of 'em — $20,000 in total and $11,000 solely on his current girlfriend.)

Ivan felt his success stories would benefit society, so he wrote a manual teaching other men how to convince the ladies in their lives to get breast implants. He cleverly titled it The Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual. So far, it has sold 3,500 copies worldwide.

"I’m pretty convinced that this is a very deep, primordial, profound thing for men, and I have a feeling that the interest in big breasts began about a million years before Playboy ever appeared on the scene,” the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident told Barcroft TV.

Victoria, who has had her breasts enhanced from a 26D to a 26K during their time together, lends her full support to his mission — she even helped him write the book!

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"I think it’s wrong for women not to pander to their men. If they feel like their husbands prefer blondes, I think you should be blonde. If you like bigger breasts, why not?” the 47-year-old said. "Why not give in to their fantasies or desires? It’s really a fairly easy surgery and not expensive, so why not?"

Victoria already underwent a breast augmentation before their relationship. Luckily for Ivan, she's stoked to go even bigger in the future.

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