Amy poehler pitbull billy on the street

Watch Amy Poehler
Pretend to Be Pitbull
on ‘Billy on the


What do you get when you mix Amy Poehler, a picture of Pitbull, safety goggles and a bunch of unsuspecting New Yorkers? Only the best game ever—“It’s Not Pitbull, It’s Amy Poehler!”

Billy Eichner, host and star of Billy on the Street, took to YouTube to post a preview clip of a game he plays an upcoming episode.

In the game, the Parks & Rec star wears a Pitbull mask as Billy goes up to them and yells “It’s Pitbull… not it’s not, it’s Amy Poehler!”

And the reactions from some of these New Yorkers are absolutely priceless! Check it out: