Renee prom

Renée Zellweger's prom
dress nightmare


She's regularly cited for her impeccable red-carpet glamour, but Renée Zellweger admits she wasn't always so stylish. For her high school prom, the Oscar winner wore a green, flamenco-style gown. "I didn't know you shouldn't wear forest green in May in Katy, Texas," she tells In Style magazine. And she had the big Texas hair, to boot. "Eighties, curling iron, hair spray. I defied Mother Nature and all her humidity with every ounce of tenacity and hair spray I had. I shellacked my bathroom countertops with the residual spray." But fashion disasters or even career setbacks don't keep Renée down. "I'm fortunate; I think I was born happy," she admits. "If I have a bad moment, it doesn't take me long to switch the gear back. I say, 'That sucked,' and move on."