Kristen stewart bitchy resting face

Kristen Stewart, Kanye
West and 6 Other Stars
With Bitchy Resting
Face Syndrome

It’s a real condition and no one takes it seriously. We’re talking about, of course, Bitchy Resting Face.

The condition—sometimes diagnosed as “resting bitch face”—is found in women (and men!) who tend to look hostile, angry or just plain mean regardless of their actual mood or feeling.

It’s their natural expression, and often times, it does not reflect what they’re experiencing internally.

Side effects of Bitchy Resting Face include inability to make a positive first impression and unintended fights (as the result of people falsely assuming you’re mad at them).

We nominate one of these celebrities to step up and become the spokesperson—because they are definitely sufferers of this debilitating condition!

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