Jennifer Aniston's
secret admirer


Jennifer Aniston is definitely a great catch — and it looks like New York Mets pitcher John Maine agrees. “I just love her soft and natural, girl-next-door looks and the way she carries herself, her whole demeanor,” the 6'4" star athlete says, adding, “Oh, yes, the hair. The hair is unbelievable!” And forget the 13-year age gap being a problem for John. He explains, “I think she just gets better looking as she gets older.” But, if John, 26, ever meets the Marley & Me star, he may strike out. “I’d probably be so nervous, I would trip over my feet. I guess I would take some pictures with her and give her a hug.” Even though Jen, 39, has never been linked to a professional athlete — and lives on the West Coast — she may be open to the idea. “I don’t really have a type,” the actress has said. “Men, in general, are a good thing.” “Maybe she’ll contact me somehow and it will actually happen. Wow, how cool would that be?” John says.

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