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A Lachey Lullaby: Nick
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Okay, seriously... this is one of the cutest things we've ever seen.

Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa welcomed their first baby boy, Camden, in Sept 2012, and now, the proud papa is teaming up with Fisher-Price to release his first ever lullaby album, titled “A Father’s Lullaby.”

“When I first learned that I was going to be a father, I was inspired to create a special tribute to my son,” Nick shared. “Music has always been an incredibly significant part of my life and a meaningful way in which I express myself. Creating this album allowed me to further connect with Camden while also sharing the experience with families who are on a similar journey of welcoming a new life into their world.”

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The new album will feature 12 songs, including 4 original tracks co-written by Nick. The album’s title song, “Father’s Lullaby,” was written as a tribute to both Nick’s father John and to his son Camden, “representing the passing of love from generation to generation.”  

Cue the collective “Aww!”

But that’s not all. Nick co-wrote “Sleepy Eyes,” a song that he hummed to Camden while he was still in the womb, and penned another single about embracing every moment of every day. Two of the album’s most meaningful cover songs to Nick include “You Are My Sunshine,” a tune his late grandfather sang to him as a child, and “Godspeed (Sweet Dreams),” a song whose lyrics “help one truly understand the wonderment of parenthood.”

PIC: Nick, Vanessa and Camdens New Family Photo

The 98 Degrees frontman can’t wait for his album’s release in March, having recently tweeted about it’s debut. “So excited for you all to hear my new album “A Father’s Lullaby,” he wrote on Feb. 26. “Camden is the best muse a father could ask for!”  

“A Father’s Lullaby” will be available for download on iTunes and on March 13 and will roll out to major national retailers including Toys "R" Us, Target and Walmart in April 2013.

Will you pick up a copy of Nick’s lullaby album?