The center of attention. Shayna Hubers liked to have the spotlight on her, and that didn’t change when she served time in prison for the murder of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ryan Poston.

“There’s a lot of things that Shayna would do to get attention,” Holly Nivens, one of Hubers’ former cellmates, says in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek of the July 16 finale of Lifetime‘s Cellmate Secrets. “She would run out of her room naked to get attention from the guards.”

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Cecily Miller, another one of Hubers’ former cellmates, adds, “Male inmates would come in there and serve. And she would come out there in a white tank top, no bra on, and her panties. And they would tell her, ‘Miss Huberts, you need to get dressed.’ They’d say, ‘Miss Huberts, do not talk to the inmates,’ and she’d ignore them and try to talk, and you know, ‘What you’re doing, what’s your name.’”

Hubers, 30, was convicted of murdering her boyfriend, 29-year-old Poston, after shooting him six times in his apartment in Highland Heights, Kentucky, in 2012. “I’m not a murderer,” Hubers told 911 operators, in a recording that previously aired on an episode of A&E’s Killer Cases. “I just killed him in self-defense.”

Her trial started in 2015 and she was sentenced to 40 years in prison after a jury found her guilty. Her conviction was later overturned when it was revealed that one of the trial’s jurors had previously been convicted of a felony. According to a law in Kentucky, felons are not allowed to participate as jurors, the Associated Press reported at the time.

shayna hubers cellmate secrets
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Hubers hired a new defense attorney, David Eldridge, who claimed the incident was caused by a case of “extreme emotional disturbance.” Prosecutors argued that Hubers killed Poston because he was leaving her. Hubers testified, claiming Poston was abusive but her claims were debunked when prosecutors revealed lengthy text messages between Hubers and Poston before his death.

After two weeks and only five hours of deliberation, Hubers was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison in October 2018, according to local newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Hubers is currently serving out her life sentence at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women.

Cellmate Secrets: Shayna Huber will air on Friday, July 16, at 9 p.m ET/ 8 p.m. C.

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