It’s been 13 years since Maura Murray disappeared from UMass Amherst after taking a ride in her car to New Hampshire — where she crashed and vanished within seven minutes without any sort of trace. Oxygen’s new series The Disappearance of Maura Murray — which airs on Saturday nights. The series’ stars Maggie Freleng and Art Roderick sat down with In Touch and gave us some exclusive insight on their developments.

“What’s interesting — this was the week Facebook launched, so there was Facebook. She did have a cell phone — I mean, this was 2004. She had a little flip phone or something. A lot of these cases that happened in the 80s that were unsolved, I mean it is crazy that there was Facebook and she did have a cell phone,” Maggie, an investigative journalist, explained during a Facebook Live. “With a lot of cases, you’ll either have a body or know where the person was going or somebody saw them — just something like that to go off of, and here we don’t have any of that, so it just leaves the door open for so much speculation.”

maura murray oxygen

(Photo Credit: Oxygen)

Art, a former US Marshall, added, “She was on instant messaging too, so to this day in that particular location in New Hampshire, there’s still no cell phone service. So not much has changed up in that area, but that sort of draws a lot of people to this case — how could that happen in that short of a time period? Where someone actually just drops off the face of the earth?”

Both parties felt an attachment to the case, as Maggie went to the same college as Maura, while Art has a connection to the family. “Maura’s father, Fred, actually works in the town that I visit all the time and I’ve actually bumped into him a couple of times, just walking downtown. So there’s that connection and I’m also a father of three daughters right around the age Maura would be at today,” he explained.

Watch the video below to see the full interview!

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