Oh, no he didn’t! In an exclusive preview for the Friday, Feb. 2, episode of WE tv’s Love After Lockup, Johnna confronts her fiancé, Garrett, after she discovers that his first post-prison drinking binge happened without her. According to Johnna, she and Garrett were supposed to “get drunk together for the first time” after his stint in jail.

“When Garrett first came home, he was in a program where he couldn’t drink alcohol and we always talked about how we were gonna get drunk together for the first time when he finally could,” Johnna tells the camera. “But he kinda went a disloyal route and drank with his friends — and got drunk for the first time — and not me.”

Elsewhere in the preview, Johnna lambasts Garrett for his behavior, telling him that his actions “really, really hurt” her feelings. She was also upset because the former convict also never came home after his wild night of partying. “You’re so nonchalant about it and I know that you don’t think it’s a big deal, but it’s such a big deal. You did not come home,” she says. “I went to work and you still weren’t home!”

“What do you want me to do, though? Honestly, what can I do?” Garrett asks, to which Johnna replies, “I just feel like you’re not sorry. Like, right now you’re sorry because I’m upset. But all night when I was telling you how I upset I was, you were like, ‘You’re being dramatic.’”

Garrett remains quiet as Johnna continues to air her grievances with him. “You put these friends of yours on such a high pedestal and you don’t give a s–t how I feel about them. They’re bad influences,” she says, later adding in a confessional: “He talked about wanting to spend all this time with me when he came home and now he’s going out till all hours of the night with his friends who were nowhere to be found during his entire sentence.”

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(Photo Credit: WE tv)

She then accuses Garrett of attempting to cheat on her. “You guys literally went looking for p—y, went looking for it after hours!” Johnna exclaims. “There’s nowhere you need to be at four in the morning besides in bed.”

But Garrett doesn’t seemed fazed by Johnna. In fact, it seems as though he might break up with her if she continues to criticize him for his post-prison antics. “She wants me to live this controlled, caged-in life but I’ve lived that for too long,” he says. “I’m ready to get out, have fun, be free!”

Love After Lockup airs on WE tv Fridays at 10 p.m. EST.

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