To say Dottie Perkins' life has been difficult is definitely an understatement. The My 600-lb Life star underwent gastric bypass surgery on the show in late 2015 after years of sabotaging her health. But since her episode aired, the Mississippi native has suffered a terrible loss.

Dottie — who once weighed 640 pounds — lost her son in April 2016. The 13-year-old was born with cerebral palsy and tragically succumbed to the illness, leaving his mother devastated and vulnerable.

dottie perkins 'my 600-lb life'

Dottie with her sons Daniel and Landon.

When her son was first born, the reality star weighed 350 pounds. Yet upon hearing the news of his diagnosis, Daniel’s father abandoned the family — which triggered more emotional eating for the mom. Pretty soon, she tipped the scale at over 500 pounds.

Growing up, Dottie recalled collecting boxes of sweets and cookies in her room to binge. Her mother neglected her as a child, so she would bond with her sister Delacy. During her episode, she shared, "I just remember eating and eating so much. And I have just never been able to stop. It hurt a lot and food is what comforted me. At one point, I was putting on a couple of pounds every week."

dottie perkins 'my 600-lb life'

Dottie's face appears slimmer in this snap.

After her surgery, Dottie was able to lose 121 pounds. Unfortunately, when her son passed away, she reverted back to her unhealthy habits. In an August 2016 interview with the Oxford Eagle, Dottie refused to discuss Daniel’s death, simply saying it's “too painful for her to talk at length about.” She hasn't posted anything on Facebook since. We hope the dedicated mom has begun to heal.

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