They’ve been waiting for answers for almost a year now. Last January, Bryan Kohberger was charged with the murders of four University of Idaho students — Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin — in a Moscow, Idaho, rental home. Not long after, a gag order was issued, effectively stopping the flow of information to the victims’ families. Recently, Kohberger waived his right to a speedy trial so his defense team could have more time to prepare, which the prosecutor called “a smart move,” given the mountains of evidence — much of which authorities have managed to keep secret.

But now a bombshell report has revealed shocking new details about that horrific night. According to online newsletter Air Mail, the grand jury was told that the two roommates who were also in the house at the time and survived “allegedly had not only been awake while the killings had taken place but that they had heard everything. More astonishingly, sources alleged that the two girls had been texting one another as the murderer methodically went from one room to the next.” Adding to the mystery, the story also claims there’s another, secret witness.

Initially, cops suggested that the roommates had slept through the massacre. But an affidavit later revealed that one of the women was awakened by what sounded like Goncalves playing with her dog, then heard “who she thought was Goncalves say something to the effect of ‘there’s someone here,’” followed by crying. The woman opened her door to see a masked man walk by, which left her “frozen … in shock.” Still, no one called 911 until the next day. According to Air Mail, there is a witness who can explain the sequence of events, but the FBI is protecting his or her identity.

So what really happened that night? “I think there was a lot of weird stuff going on in that house,” former Chicago police officer Steve Wilkos, who helps solve crimes on his talk show but is not involved in this case, exclusively tells In Touch. “If I woke up and there was this strange masked guy, I don’t know if I’d just shut my door and go back to sleep. So I’m looking forward to more details coming out during the trial.” It could be a long wait: Experts predict Kohberger won’t face a jury until next year.

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