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Emile Hirsch: 'I Like
Miley's Song We Can't

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With rugged and macho roles that take him places like the Alaskan wilderness and the girl next door's bedroom, Emile Hirsch may be the last star you'd expect to see gushing over young, Hollywood starlets.

But when In Touch caught up with the Into the Wild star, he did exactly that! We chatted with Emile at a Phillip Lim for Target event, where we asked him what it was like working with Dakota Fanning.  

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"[Working with Dakota is] fantastic," he gushed. "The movie we worked on is The Motel Life, and that's coming out in I think October. So I'm really excited for you to see that."

But his 19-year-old costar isn't the only young Hollywood star Emile is praising

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When In Touch asked what song he couldn't stop listening to, he took it literally--and admitted he was a fan of Miley's summer hit!

"I like Miley's song! 'We Can't Stop.' I like that song!"