When The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein jetted to India to adopt their second child — three-year-old daughter Zoey — they were overjoyed to meet their new addition.

Unfortunately, the feelings weren’t mutual.

the little couple

Bill, Jen and their kids — four-year-old Will and three-year-old Zoey.

“She blamed us for the change,” the 40-year-old mom tells People, explaining it was a difficult transition for the youngster, who spent most of her life in an orphanage.

“She really wanted nothing to do with us.”

The neonatologist recalls one time she was going through treatment for stage 3 choriocarcinoma — a rare form of cancer that occurs in the uterus — her daughter seemed to be more interested in a stranger than her own mother.

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“I remember my oncologist coming to visit me, and Zoey just latched on to her leg as she left,” Jen explains. “She would rather go home with a stranger than be with us.”

As Jen battled cancer, it gave her a chance to bond with her daughter (the pair now have a great relationship today).

The reality star even credits Zoey and her son, five-year-old Will, with helping her cope during her illness.

She gushes, “I think concentrating on the kids kept me very distracted.”

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