If you are true crime podcast junkie, get ready to meet your match. True crime aficionado Payne Lindsey is set to release his new podcast “Radio Rental” on Thursday, October 31. The show aims to encompass the adrenaline rush and buildup of anxiety that a true crime tale offers with the lovable banter we all enjoy streaming. With comedian Rainn Wilson by his side, this podcast is worth a listen. Payne, 31, told In Touch exclusively what listeners can expect from the modern-day drama.

“Most of the stories are sort of like, close-call creepy encounters,” Payne explained. “For example, one of the stories in the pilot is about a guy who had some kind of serious discussion about one of the guys [sitting] on the plane in front of him. And as things unfold, he realized that this guy was actually trying to blow up the plane, and it was actually the shoe bomber in 2001. It’s his first-hand account from the very beginning — his suspicion of this person, and then, all of a sudden, there’s fighter jets on both sides of the plane.”

“Radio Rental” is Payne’s first dramatized anthology series after years of working in the nonfiction sector — helping to solve real-life crimes and explain the unexplainable. He found the stories portrayed in the series in the “depths of the internet” and interviewed these individuals one-on-one.

Although these stories depict close calls with danger, Payne says there is a “lovable” element to them. “A lot of these stories are fun. They’re exciting to talk about, no one is getting hurt. They’re just more suspenseful, making a good jump or feel the dread for a moment, and then sometimes there’s even a funny ending to some of these stories.”

To help lighten the mood, Payne worked with Rainn, 53. “I had this dream idea for this comic relief character to be in the story as a horror host of sorts to take you out of the really good scary moments and provide some comic relief,” he explains, mentioning how they focused on the “weirdness” of these events. As for what it was like working with the comedian, he said it’s been a pleasure.

Payne’s fans may recognize a few tales, but mainly he focuses on shedding light on random individuals who have an intriguing story to share. “Expect to tune in to something different,” he advised, “but at the same time, this is going to be very familiar when it comes to this type of suspenseful stories you’re used to hearing from us.”

“Radio Rental” is set to debut on Thursday, October 31.

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