This Halloween may look and feel a little different than years past, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be less fun! From decorating to baking to building your own costumes, there are lots of activities families can do together to help create fun and memorable bonding experiences. Best of all, there’s one simple solution to help mom and child alike learn the ropes together.  Meet Sawyer!

This interactive education platform provides a wide range of learning opportunities for children of all ages, with endless hours of guided instruction at your fingertips. From music and sewing lessons to art and science classes, Sawyer provides valuable resources designed to enrich childhood development, especially from the safety of one’s home.

Here are some of the fun ways Sawyer can help you build fun memories this Halloween.

Get Your Bake On:

What’s better than sweets on Halloween? Rather than relying on going house-to-house for candy, have your child trick-or-treat around your own house! Each room could be a new adventure full of yummy surprises. From Giant Jack O’Lantern Brownies to Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes to Day of the Dead Sugar Cookie Skulls, Sawyer has baking from home virtual classes designed to provide endless fun (and yums!) for the whole family!


Get Crafty:

From fun Halloween-themed bracelets to superhero wristbands that light up when you run (say what?!) Sawyer provides hands-on instruction for unleashing your child’s imagination. And what’s better than seeing their own creations come to life! Best of all, if you need materials, Sawyer will even ship them to you!


Get Messy:

What’s Halloween without painting a funny face on a jack-o’-lantern? Or drawing a spooky picture that can be hung around the house for decoration? Sawyer has a host of at-home DIY Halloween ideas that bring the fun, especially with your fingers!


Sawyer has plenty of fun for older kids too, from cooking lessons, to learning how to code (yes, code!), to music and dance. Perhaps even mom can learn a thing or two for her next TikTok video?


Sound incredible? It is!  There’s tons of FREE classes too, from Spanish lessons to making marbled paper! Visit to get started on building your family fun today!

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